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  • No matter where you have been; what you have been doing or who you have been doing it with; this Church believes you deserve another chance.

    You are invited to our Church that believes in a loving and sovereign God-THE GOD OF ANOTHER CHANCE! 

Harold T. Marshall - Senior Pastor -

 Thank you for visiting our website. I hope that the Lord will use it, first of all to the praise of His glorious grace, and secondly, that it might be a blessing to you.  
 As a congregation, we love to preach, teach and hear the message of the gospel as we work expositionally through the Bible, verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter, book-by-book. Because we have a high view of Scripture – its divine inspiration, inerrancy, infallibility, and sufficiency – we believe that this kind of preaching is the most God-honoring and Christ-exalting way to preach. As was Paul’s ambition, so we also seek to “declare the whole council of God” to the flock (Acts 20:27). 
 As a church, we seek with all of our hearts to love God and love our neighbor. We seek that the name of Jesus Christ would be lifted high not only at church, but also where we live and work and have our being. We seek that the lost would enter the kingdom, here and around the world. We seek the leading of the Spirit to guide us into all truth. In a nutshell, we seek what we have been designed for: to be the praise of God’s glorious grace (Ephesians 1:6). As a church we seek to grow in numbers only to reach the world with the free gospel of God’s grace to sinners.  
 It is my goal especially to see our next generation reached for Jesus Christ. We are praying to our sovereign Lord that He will draw in hungry young people who want more than cotton candy churchianity and want to make a difference for their Lord in this fallen world. This is our dream. May our young people find their purpose in this life by giving their lives to the greatest cause in the world: the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. 
 As regarding our doctrine and how Trinity FGBC can assist you growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, please feel free to make an appointment with me. Also, feel free to visit our Church at 117 Old Course Road, Summerville SC 29485.
 Again, I thank you for visiting our website, and hope you will consider being added to our ministry as the Holy Spirit enables you to.  We would love to have you come aboard with us as we seek to fulfill Christ’s great commission in Matthew 28:18-20.  
To God be all the glory, through Jesus Christ, 
Senior Pastor H.T. Marshall
Sabrina Marshall - Pastor - [Account] -

Pastor Sabrina L. Marshall was born in Valdosta Ga., April 23, 1969. She is one of 5 children. Sabrina is married to Senior Pastor Harold T. Marshall, retired USAF, and together they have three daughters: Dorothy, Shantrece, and Shaleea. After living on the streets as a runaway child, Sabrina made the decision that enough was enough. She obtained her GED in 1986, leaving high school because the stigma of being a teenage mother was then taboo. Sabrina moved in a HUD apartment and lived on welfare, while working in a shoe store and going to college. In 1989, she obtained an Associate in Business Management & Retail Sales from Riley College, Valdosta Ga. Four years after meeting Harold, they wed August 24, 1991. Through military moves, Sabrina has lived in Germany 1992-1995, Turkey 1995-1997 and then Holloman AFB, Alamogordo NM. She answered the chosen call of God while stationed at Incirlik, Turkey.
 After sitting under God-fearing leadership, Sabrina began preaching and teaching at churches, conferences and seminars in Europe, Turkey and the United States. During this time, countless women of all ages began to come to her for prayer and counseling. A survivor of childhood sexual abuse, God used her to minister to others while praising God for her own restoration. In January 2007, she was ordained an Elder and originally appointed Co-Pastor of Trinity Full Gospel Baptist Church only to be made Pastor later on. She enjoys assisting her husband in furthering the kingdom of God. She is currently working on her book *Damaged but Not Destroyed*.
 In June of 2004, Sabrina and her husband formed the Corporation Anointed Ministries Incorporated. Under Anointed Ministries Inc., they owned and directed *Teaching Our Children* Child Development Center. The Center prospered under their leadership and guidance. In less than two years, the Center gained National Accreditation through the NECPA. *Engineering the Future Through Our Children!* is the Center*s motto, where education was key. They also own several properties in Alamogordo. They own "All Things & More" Hair & Beauty Store- a wig, beauty supply and clothing store. Sabrina was very active in the community: Former Chairperson of the Alamogordo Commissioner of Planning & Zoning Commission; and served on several local committee boards. She has been ministering and will continue to minister to broken and damaged Christians all over the world as she exhorts others to do likewise.
Open Position - Director of Protocol/Asst. to Pastor

These ministries work closely with the Pastor and is respnsible for areas of protocol and is responsible for moving the service in a matter of "decency and order" at all Districts meetings, conferences, workshops, consecration, furnels and worship seervices as the position deems necessary. Calls into question "out of order" procedures and processes that are ignored and disputed. Dispatching of letters to all incoming guest and other duties as given by the Pastor.

Open Position - Admin. Assist. to Co-Pastor Sabrina Marshall
Open Position - Executive Administrator
This ministry takes care of administrative affairs of the church. Appointments are scheduled for the Pastor through this ministry and all requests to share information through the weekly bulletin are submitted to this ministry.
Open Position - Finance Secretary
This ministry is responsible for receiving the tithes and offerings for each service. This ministry ensures all monies are properly accounted for with clean hands and a pure heart.
Open Position - Director of Events & Planning
The events and planning department is responsible for any church event that is church sponsored. All decorations, food and church events should be coordinated through this ministry.
Open Position - Director of Outreach
This ministry coordinates community evangelistic outreach oriented events.  It ensures effective tools are being used to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that He is being properly conveyed in our community. 
Open Position - Director of Ushers & Hospitality

Ushers- This ministry is to assist in setting the tone when we enter to the church building. The ushers are initial greeters of those who have come to receive the word of God for that day. Ushers assist the members and visitors with understanding the proper directions and seating. This ministry will help with distribution and collection of tithes and offering envelopes during each church service. This ministry also coordinates meals for members in need, send out birthday and anniversary cards, etc. 

Open Position - Director Of Children's & Youth

This Ministry is charged with taking care of the minds of the next generation in the body of Christ here at Trinity FGBC. Children's minisrty workers will share biblical pricinples in a simplistic and engaging manner to grab the attention of our youth.

Open Position - Building Manager
This ministry will ensure the building is safe and any needed repair have been identified.   This ministry ensures that needed items are available for use.
Open Position - Armourbearers
This part of the ministry is focused on assisting the Pastor and Co-Pastor with any and all needs. This ministry serves and prays for the Pastor, Co-Pastor and church membership to help set the atmosphere for the service. The speech of those in this ministry must be one of encouragement and edification. The areas of responsibilities also include being an anticipator of needs and assisting with meeting the needs of visiting leadership, all with a spirit of humility.
Open Position - Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Open Position - Audio & Sound Ministry